"Sister Act 3" is in development for Disney's new streaming service, but it looks like it will be without original star Whoopi Goldberg.

"It is our understanding that this is not a continuation and Whoopi is not involved," a rep for Goldberg told EW of the planned sequel.

Goldberg mentioned the "different direction" for the franchise in September on "Good Morning Britain": "We've been all over Disney begging and they;ve decided that they’re going to go in a different direction with 'Sister Act.' So it won;t be 'Sister Act 3,' it’ll be a brand-new rendition of 'Sister Act'."

She noted she might do a cameo, saying,"I guess I’ll walk through a scene and that’s how they’ll say I was part of it."

It's been 26 years since the first "Sister Act" film debuted, which led to the 1993 sequel "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" and a Broadway musical, which featured a part for Goldberg.

"Sister Act 3" will be written by "Insecure" co-executive producer Regina Hicks and "Star" showrunner Karin Gist.

Meanwhile, as a previous Oscar host, Whoopi's being mentioned as a possible replacement since Kevin Hart stepped down from the gig. Gold Derby even wrote a "Memo to the Academy" to bring her back.  If she does return, it would be her fifth time.

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