Comedian Amy Schumer had a whirlwind 2018, marrying chef Chris Fischer in a surprise ceremony in February, then announcing her pregnancy with her first child in October. But if you think becoming a wife and soon-to-be mom has altered Schumer's brash brand of comedy, you'd definitely be mistaken, as she points out in the trailer for her new Netflix special.

In "Growing," Schumer dispels the myth that you "stop being you" when you have a baby. And for the comedian, being herself means saying exactly what's on her mind.

One of the funniest -- and most biting -- bits in the trailer comes when Schumer discusses those lucky women who had no complications throughout their pregnancies, a distinction that the comedian definitely doesn't share. The star suffers from hyperemesis, a condition that induces extreme nausea, which briefly hospitalized her and eventually forced her to cancel her stand-up tour.

"If you had a good pregnancy, like, if you're someone who enjoyed being pregnant, I just hope your car flips over," Schumer deadpans.

Nope, Schumer definitely isn't allowing her impending motherhood to soften her sharp comedy.

"Growing" is due to arrive on Netflix on March 19.