Bad news for fans of "SMILF."  Showtime has decided not to renew the show after two seasons amid allegations of impropriety against series creator and star Frankie Shaw.

An investigation began in December after actress Samara Weaving (who plays Nelson Rose) was uncomfortable with being asked to perform a sex scene in the nude with co-star Miguel Gomez (Rafi) during  the show’s second season, especially since Weaving had a no-nudity clause in her contract. She said she was also uncomfortable with Shaw’s behavior during production of a similar scene in Season 1.

"After weighing a variety of factors, Showtime has decided that 'SMILF' will not move forward for a third season," the network said in a statement Friday.

The rest of the season will air as scheduled, through its series finale on March 31.

"We remain extremely proud of the two seasons of ‘SMILF,’ and thank Frankie Shaw for her singular voice and unique creation, as well as the dozens of writers, producers, actors, directors and crew members both in Los Angeles and on location in Boston, who contributed to this exceptional series," the statement continued.

The series was nominated for two Golden Globes for its first season: Best Comedy Series and Best Actress in a Comedy for Shaw.

Shaw’s overall deal with ABC Studios has also been suspended without pay "while we review our options," a studio spokesperson said in a statement.

Addressing the allegations before the Season 2 premiere in January, Shaw said: "This is my first time doing this job and we moved fast, and I was learning on the go and I’m just really grateful that I can take these lessons of being a more aware and attuned showrunner moving forward."

She issued a statement today, which read, "I can't express how much I've loved making this show, how much I love the cast and crew and appreciate Showtime as creative partners."

Shaw previously appeared on the first season of "Mr. Robot" as Elliot's ill-fated girlfriend Shayla. She also appeared in "Homecoming" and "Good Girls Revolt," as well as the film "Stronger."

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