Love, Simon

20th Century Fox

Now that Disney and 21st Century Fox have become one, changes are coming, starting with the end of Fox 2000 Pictures.

Disney has no plans to make films via at least one of its newly acquired divisions, Fox 2000, Variety reports. Employees got the news Thursday but do not know yet what this means for their jobs. In the meantime, films that were already in the works will reportedly move forward as planned.

The news was a surprise, as THR reports. Fox 2000, which is headed by Elizabeth Gabler, has been behind a number of well-received films. Some recent ones include "The Hate U Give," "Love Simon," and "The Mountain Between Us." The division was also a key player in acclaimed films like "Hidden Figures," "Joy," and "Bridge of Spies."

Thursday brought other acquisition-related developments, too. Pink slips started going out Thursday, per Variety, leaving some senior Fox employees laid off. Additionally, "A Simple Favor" favor director Paul Feig confirmed that his FeigCo label is moving from Fox to Universal, according to Deadline.

Given the scale of the deal, there will likely be more casualties as Disney's reorganization continues.

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