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The Rush Hour franchise has already given us three films, but now fans are back to hoping for a fourth.

Co-stars Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan set off speculation again Sunday with a reunion. Tucker posted a photo on Instagram where they were not only were together but holding up four fingers apiece. He didn't offer any other clues (there was no caption), but the message seemed clear enough to fans.


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The comments and likes have been quickly piling up, with many fans making it known that they expect another sequel now. A quick scroll through shows people throwing around excited emojis, making plans to see the action flick when it comes out, and telling the actors not to let them down. However, New Line Cinema has not commented on the speculation.

Assuming Tucker and Chan do indeed plan to make "Rush Hour 4," it would come more than a 20 years after the original film, 1998's "Rush Hour." The first sequel then came out in 2001, followed by 2007's "Rush Hour 3." In the years since, they've talked about making another sequel and even looked at possible scripts, as EW reports; Chan said during a 2017 Power 106 Los Angeles radio interview that he wanted to make the film "before we get old."

Chan isn't alone in wanting to move forward with "Rush Hour 4." Tucker shared in January during a "Winging It" podcast interview that they are interested and the studio is, too. At the time, he said they were "working on a few things [for] the script," per CNN.

The new photo seems like a sign of good things to come. Here's hoping the next Rush Hour adventure really is on its way.

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