Donald Glover and Rihanna split

FX; Warner Bros. Pictures

There's no need to pay to watch "Guava Island" -- for a brief window on Saturday, April 13, the upcoming film starring Donald Glover and Rihanna will be available to stream for free.

Glover announced via Twitter on Wednesday that his film would be available for free following his performance at Coachella. Fans will be able to watch it on Amazon Prime Video, even if they're not Prime members, Variety reports. It will become available at 12:01 p.m. on April 13 and continue to be available at no cost until 6 p.m. that same day. Another option will be to watch it at at 5 p.m. PT on Saturday.

"Guava Island" centers on a musician trying to throw a festival for everyone to enjoy. It is directed by Hiro Murai based on a script from Stephen Glover. In addition to Donald Glover and Rihanna, it stars Nonso Anozie and Letitia Wright.

Watching the film for free is a hard offer to resist. Glover and Rihanna are huge stars who have made names for themselves in both music and as actors. Glover currently stars in the acclaimed series "Atlanta" and most recently appeared in "Solo: A Star Wars Story." Rihanna's latest film was "Ocean's 8."

"Guava Island" starts streaming Saturday, April 13 on Amazon Prime.

[via: Donald Glover/Twitter; Variety]