Prepare yourself now, because the upcoming "Saw" reboot is coming earlier than expected. The upcoming reboot starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson was previously set to come just before Halloween 2020, on Oct. 23. However, Lionsgate has pushed up the film's release date to May 15, 2020, Variety reports.

Production is underway, and apparently it's going well. The studio shared that the decision to move the date forward came after seeing early footage, per Variety. Alas, the studio is remaining tight-lipped about other plot details.

The upcoming film will be the ninth in the franchise, coming more than 15 years after 2004's "Saw." Rock previously shared that he has been a fan since the beginning, and he now plays a police detective investigating horrifying crimes alongside a partner played by Max Minghella. Meanwhile, Marisol Nichols portrays a police captain and Jackson is Rock's onscreen father.

Franchise vet Darren Lynn Bousman is directing the reboot, having previously helmed "Saw II," "Saw III," and "Saw IV." Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules are also returning.

The film is due out May 15, 2020.

[via: Variety]