20th Century Fox

OK, so "The New Mutants" is likely never seeing the light of day after the flop of  X-Men film "Dark Phoenix."

But does that mean the X-Men franchise is dead now that Disney owns the Fox property?

Hardly. Today, Disney announced that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is inheriting Fox’s comic book heroes, including the X-Men. So, continue dreamcasting the new Wolverine, people.

However, Disney is axing the majority of the existing Fox film development slate and "refocusing output," after the studio posted a $170 million operating loss in Disney’s fiscal third quarter.

What else is safe, besides the X-Men?

James Cameron’s sequels to “Avatar” are on track, as well as more "Planet of the Apes” movies.

And potential awards magnets, including Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story,” the Amy Adams thriller "Woman in the Window" and Brad Pitt’s astronaut drama “Ad Astra," are still happening, although "Woman in the Window" has been bumped to next year.

Disney CEO Bob Iger also said indie label Fox Searchlight will continue to make feature films and and also make movies for Disney+. However, Fox’s film divisions will be producing significantly less movies than before the Disney purchase.

"It will probably take a solid year, maybe two years, before we can have an impact on the films in production. We’re all confident we’re going to turn around the results of Fox live action," Iger said.

[Via Variety]