Nam June Paik

Born in July 20th, 1932

From Gyeongseong, South Korea [now Seoul]

Nam June Paik Biography

Nam June Paik was the first video artist who experimented with electronic media and made a profound impact on the art of video and television. He coined the phrase "Information Superhighway" in 1974, and has been called the "father of video art."

Nam June Paik Filmography

Tapes Poster
September 14, 2020
Re: Maciunas and Fluxus Poster
January 1, 2011
Wrap around the World Poster
January 1, 1988
Butterfly Poster
January 1, 1986
Good Morning, Mr. Orwell Poster
January 1, 1984
Lake Placid '80 Poster
January 1, 1980
Merce by Merce by Paik Poster
January 1, 1978