Stan Douglas

From Vancouver - Canada

Stan Douglas Biography

Since the late 1980s, Stan Douglas has created films, photographs, and installations that reexamine particular locations or past events. His works often take their points of departure in local settings, from which broader issues can be identified. Making frequent use of both analog and digital technologies, Douglas appropriates existing Hollywood genres (including murder mysteries and the Western) and borrows from classic literary works (notably, Samuel Beckett, Herman Melville, and Franz Kafka) to create ready-made contextual frameworks for his complex, reimagined narratives that pertain to particular locations or past events.

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Stan Douglas Filmography

The Secret Agent Poster
March 31, 2016
Luanda – Kinshasa Poster
January 1, 2013
Suspiria Poster
March 13, 2003
Journey Into Fear Poster
November 8, 2001
Win, Place, Or Show Poster
January 1, 1998
Der Sandmann Poster
January 1, 1994