• American Friends (1991)

American Friends

Release Date: 1991

PG |1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary

Francis Ashby (Michael Palin) is a Victorian-era Oxford instructor who takes a trip to Switzerland, where he befriends vacationing American Caroline Hartley (Connie Booth) and her teenage daughter, Elinor (Trini Alvarado). Both women are romantically interested in Francis, and when he returns to campus, the Hartleys follow him back and move into a nearby home to pursue him. Unfortunately, university professors are forbidden to marry, and Francis must choose between love and his career.

Cast: Michael Palin, Connie Booth, Trini Alvarado, Alfred Molina, David Calder, Simon James, Robert Eddison, Alun Armstrong

Director: Tristram Powell

Genres: Drama

Production Co: British Screen Productions

Keywords: Love triangle, Rivalry, Witty, Forbidden love, Temptation