• Amos & Andrew (1992)

Amos & Andrew

Release Date: December 31st, 1992

DVD Release Date: November 24th, 1998

PG-13 |1 hr 36 min

Plot Summary

When erudite black playwright Andrew Sterling (Samuel L. Jackson) moves to a predominantly white suburb, the buffoonish local police surround his home, assuming he's a burglar. To avoid a scandal, unscrupulous Chief Tolliver (Dabney Coleman) conscripts low-rent criminal Amos Odell (Nicolas Cage) to break in and take Sterling hostage. But Amos and Andrew soon realize Tolliver has no plans to let either survive, so they must put their differences aside and work together to get out alive.

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson, Dabney Coleman, Brad Dourif, Michael Lerner, Margaret Colin, Chelcie Ross, I.M. Hobson

Director: E. Max Frye

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Hilarious, Rivalry, 1990s, Escape, Small town, Police officer