Angel's Dance Poster

Release Date: 1998

DVD Release Date: January 25th, 2000

R|1 hr 42 min

Plot Summary
After his assassin father is run over by a speeding ice-cream truck, Tony Greco (Kyle Chandler) asks his gangster uncle, Vinnie (Jon Polito), to make him the mob's newest hit man. Vinnie sends Tony to California for intense training with an unlikely mentor, eccentric sharpshooter Stevie "The Rose" Rosellini (James Belushi). Rosellini introduces Greco to his bizarre personal philosophy and dispatches him to kill a random civilian target -- the mousy, reclusive Angelica Chaste (Sheryl Lee).

Cast: Jim Belushi, Sheryl Lee, Kyle Chandler, Frank John Hughes, Ned Bellamy, Mark Carlton, Mac Davis, Jon Polito

Director: David L. Corley

Genres: Comedy drama

Keywords: Rivalry, 1990s, Hilarious, Los Angeles, Dark, Suspenseful, Transformation, Quest