Bare Behind Bars

"Behind Bars No One Can Hear You Scream!"
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NR 1 hr 35 minCrime, Drama
In a women's prison in Brazil, the inmates are young and beautiful, the warden is a sadist, all but one of the guards are cruel, and the nurse is an incompetent cuckoo. To make it difficult for the inmates to hide contraband, they wear no underwear. They are alternately murderous and orgiastic with each other, and they engage in sex play with some of the guards. The warden pimps out inmates to wealthy lesbians. With the help of the nurse and under the cover of Carnival, three inmates stage an escape. Once out, will they contrive to stay undiscovered, or will their natures guarantee an ill-fated end to their attempt?
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DirectorOswaldo de Oliveira

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DVD & Blu-ray Release Date:May 30th, 2006 - Buy DVD
Original Language:Portuguese
Production Companies:Galante Filmes, Ao Lixao Comercio de Moveis Ltda.