Brainy Baby: Art

"Brainy Baby Teach Your Child Art: Exploring the World of Art"
NR 45 min
Brainy Baby is university studied and published in JOCAM Journal of Children and Media. Winner of 77 awards. Brainy Baby Classic Edition is time tested, trusted by parents and loved by children. Parents tell us their children love to watch them, again and again, learning something new each time. The Brainy Baby Art interactive DVD features live action and real children and highlights fun activities, painting styles, and classic art images such as Van Gogh's Starry Night. Art teaches fundamentals such as Color, Texture, Patterns, Lines and more using everyday objects in familiar surroundings to make fast learning connections. Your child will hear lively music with a gentle, instructional voice describing what your child is seeing. Video uses the teach, repeat, review method throughout.
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