Crystalstone Poster

Release Date: 1988

PG|1 hr 43 min

Plot Summary
After learning that their aunt wants to split them up, orphaned siblings Pablo (Kamlesh Gupta) and Maria (Laura Jane Goodwin) run away from home. While stowing away aboard a train car, they learn about a magical gem called a crystalstone. On their search for the mystical jewel, the pair joins forces with the boozing Captain (Frank Grimes). But to fulfill their quest they'll have to contend with a scary pirate named Hook (Edward Kelsey), who's also after the treasure.

Cast: Kamlesh Gupta, Laura Goodwin, Frank Grimes, Edward Kelsey, Mario De Barros

Director: Antonio Pelaez

Genres: Family, Fantasy

Keywords: Emotional, 1980s, Sister, Quest, Rescue, Brother, Underdog