Full Cast & Crew

  • Stuart  Wilson
    Stuart Wilson as Oliver Vance
  • Craig  Cady
    Craig Cady as Philip Shields
  • Vincent  Castellanos
    Vincent Castellanos as District Attorney
  • Jaime  Bello
    Jaime Bello as Martin Earnhardt
  • Ted  Richard
    Ted Richard as First Detective
  • Gary-Michael  Davies
    Gary-Michael Davies as Second Detective
  • Cucho  Viera
    Cucho Viera as Pharmacist
  • Elia Enid  Cadilla
    Elia Enid Cadilla as Justice of the Peace
  • Idee B. Charriez  Millet
    Idee B. Charriez Millet as Nurse
  • J.C.  Love
    J.C. Love as Dr. Reis
  • Sterling  Fitzgerald
    Sterling Fitzgerald as Sammi Russell