• Ghost Town (1955)

Ghost Town

Release Date: 1955

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 17 min

Plot Summary

Barbara Leighton (Marian Carr) travels by stagecoach to a small frontier town, the home of her fiancé, Duff Dailey (John Smith). When Dailey and miner Kerry "Crusty" McCabe (William Phillips) find the coach station ransacked by dangerous Cheyenne fighters, they board the stagecoach and swear to protect Leighton and the rest of the passengers. As the Cheyenne close in, the weary travelers hole up at a saloon in a nearby ghost town -- and prepare for the longest night of their lives.

Cast: Kent Taylor, John Smith, Marian Carr, John Doucette, William "Bill" Phillips, Serena Sande

Director: Allen H. Miner

Genres: Western

Production Co: Bel-Air Productions Inc.

Keywords: Melodramatic, Underdog, Escape, Survival, Suspenseful

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