• He Was Her Man (1934)

He Was Her Man

Release Date: 1934

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 10 min

Plot Summary

Flicker Hayes (James Cagney) has a score to settle with his old bank-robbing partners, Dan (Bradley Page) and Red (Ralf Harolde). They set him up to take the fall for their last job, and now Flicker, just out of prison, wants revenge. He ropes Dan and Red into one last job, then takes off for San Francisco after ratting them out to the police. Convinced he's safe, Flicker falls for a reformed prostitute (Joan Blondell), unaware that Dan has escaped the police and is on the hunt for him.

Cast: James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Victor Jory, Frank Craven, Harold Huber, Russell Hopton, Ralf Harolde, Sarah Padden

Director: Lloyd Bacon

Genres: Crime drama

Production Co: Warner Bros.

Keywords: 1930s, Gripping, House, Revenge, Police officer, Rivalry, Quest, Wife, Prison, Melodramatic, Brooding, Husband