• Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) Cast & Crew

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  • Tioreore  Ngatai-Melbourne
    Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne as Kahu
  • Oscar  Kightley
    Oscar Kightley as Andy
  • Cohen  Holloway
    Cohen Holloway as Hugh
  • Stan  Walker
    Stan Walker as Ron
  • Mike  Minogue
    Mike Minogue as Joe
  • Rhys  Darby
    Rhys Darby as Psycho Sam
  • Troy  Kingi
    Troy Kingi as TK
  • Taika  Waititi
    Taika Waititi as Minister
  • Hamish  Parkinson
    Hamish Parkinson as Gavin
  • Stu  Giles
    Stu Giles as Sick Man
  • Lloyd  Scott
    Lloyd Scott as Tourist