Knight Knight Poster

Release Date: 2012

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 25 min

Plot Summary
Squires Gilbert (David Wayman) and Edgar (Tom Eykelhof) wander strange lands in the company of a mysterious knight. When the knight dies mysteriously, trainees Edgar and Gilbert spend his gold, but they ignore the letter asking for the knight's help to rescue Princess Katrina (Christina Bucher). After they run out of money, they get jobs guarding the kidnapped princess. Katrina harangues the two until she gets them to agree to rescue her from the clutches of their employer, King Vincent.

Cast: David Wayman, Tom Eykelhof, Christina Bucher, Jonathan Hansler, Nick Von Schlippe, Mingus Johnston, Claira Watson Parr, Henry Jameson

Director: Christina Bucher

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Rescue, Friend, Lighthearted, Amusing, England