• Let the Devil Wear Black (1999)

Let the Devil Wear Black

Release Date: 1999

DVD Release Date: June 27th, 2000

R |1 hr 29 min

Plot Summary

In this modern reformulation of "Hamlet," Jack (Jonathan Penner), a graduate student, suspects foul play after the death of his beloved father. When he learns that his beautiful mother, Helen (Jacqueline Bisset), and ambitious uncle Carl (Jamey Sheridan) plan to marry, he becomes convinced that they had something to do with it. Mentally unstable at the best of times, Jack becomes further unhinged as he investigates the crime with his equally fragile girlfriend, Julia (Mary-Louise Parker).

Cast: Jonathan Penner, Jacqueline Bisset, Mary-Louise Parker, Jamey Sheridan, Philip Baker Hall, Jonathan Banks, Maury Chaykin, Chris Sarandon

Director: Stacy Title

Genres: Thriller

Keywords: Rivalry, Los Angeles, Revenge, Dark, Temptation, Girlfriend, 1990s, House, Mother, Gritty, Murder