Lupin the Third: Tokyo Crisis (2005)

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Lupin attempts and fails to steal a valuable set of Japanese photographic plates. The rightful owner of the plates, Michael Suzuki, is a multimillionaire who is preparing to open a huge water park in Tokyo. Lupin attempts to enlist the help of his steadfast comrades Jigen and Goemon but find them less than reliable; Jigen is suffering from a toothache that throws off his legendary aim, and Goemon has shamefully had his sword, Zantetsuken, stolen by a woman and given to Suzuki to display in his art collection. The group works on a plan with Fujiko to get both the plates and Zantetsuken.
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DirectorToshiya Shinohara
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Theatrical Release:August 30th, 2005
Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:TMS Entertainment, VAP
Movie Tags:anime