• Slaves to the Underground (1997) Cast & Crew

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  • Natacha  La Ferriere
    Natacha La Ferriere as Zoe
  • Claudia  Rossi
    Claudia Rossi as Brenda
  • James  Garver
    James Garver as Brian
  • Peter  Szumlas
    Peter Szumlas as Dale
  • Hunt  Holman
    Hunt Holman as Paul
  • Andrew  Thatcher
    Andrew Thatcher as Clerk
  • Mark  Pinckney
    Mark Pinckney as Cop
  • Shandell  Sosna
    Shandell Sosna as Hildy
  • Bill  Johns
    Bill Johns as Joe Burke
  • Wendy  Savage
    Wendy Savage as Girl 1
  • Tia  Hubbard
    Tia Hubbard as Girl 2
  • Dion  McIntosh
    Dion McIntosh as Howie
  • Tim  Kniffin
    Tim Kniffin as Congressional Aide
  • Maureen  Connors
    Maureen Connors as Steakhouse Waitress
  • Erin  Hershey
    Erin Hershey as (uncredited)