• The Beautiful Country (2004) Cast & Crew

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  • Temuera  Morrison
    Temuera Morrison as Snakehead
  • Dang Quoc Thinh Tran
    Dang Quoc Thinh Tran as Tam
  • Thi Huong Dung Nguyen
    Thi Huong Dung Nguyen as Lady Barber
  • Vu  Tang
    Vu Tang as Head Servant
  • Nguyen Than Kien
    Nguyen Than Kien as Riley
  • Thi Hong Bui
    Thi Hong Bui as Crippled
  • Chapman  To
    Chapman To as Chingmy
  • Kirk  Griffith
    Kirk Griffith as Ranch owner
  • Xuan Phuc  Dins
    Xuan Phuc Dins as Pham
  • Phyllis  Cicero
    Phyllis Cicero as Receptionist
  • Glen  Bradford
    Glen Bradford as Wayne
  • Richard  Black
    Richard Black as Postal Clerk
  • Thu  Anh
    Thu Anh as Mrs. Hoa
  • John  Hussey
    John Hussey as Jerry
  • Don  McCoy
    Don McCoy as Police officer
  • Thi Kim Xuan Chau
    Thi Kim Xuan Chau as Mai