The Black Whip Poster

Release Date: 1956

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 21 min

Plot Summary
John Murdock (Paul Richards) is a notorious outlaw who leads the vicious gang known as the Blacklegs. Armed with his signature black whip, he and his men invade a small town, looking to stir up trouble. In between harassing the girls at the saloon and attacking the locals, the Blacklegs are plotting a bigger scheme: kidnapping the governor of Kentucky (Patrick O'Moore) and holding him for ransom. The only man who stands in their way is former Confederate officer Lorn Crawford (Hugh Marlowe).

Cast: Hugh Marlowe, Coleen Gray, Angie Dickinson, Adele Mara, Richard Gilden, Paul Richards, John Pickard, Dorothy Schuyler

Director: Charles Warren

Genres: Western

Keywords: Rivalry, Small town, Gritty, Rescue, Tense, Murder