The Marshal's Daughter

The Marshal's Daughter (1953)

"Man-oh-Man What a Woman!"
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 11 minJun 25th, 1953Western

To fully appreciate the western comedy The Marshal's Daughter, one must be aware that its star, a zaftig, wide-eyed lass named Laurie Anders, was in 1953 a popular TV personality. A regular on The Ken Murray Show, Anders had risen to fame with the Southern-fried catchphrase "Ah love the wi-i-i-ide open spaces!" Striking while the iron was hot, the entrepreneurial Murray produced this inexpensive oater, which cast Anders as Laurie Dawson, the singing daughter of a U.S. marshal (Hoot Gibson). Teaming with her dad to capture outlaw Trigger Gans (Bob Duncan), Laurie briefly disguises herself as a masked bandit. Amidst much stock footage from earlier westerns and a plethora of lame jokes and dreadful puns, The Marshal's Daughter is a treat for trivia buffs, featuring such virile actors as Preston S. Foster, Johnny Mack Brown, Jimmy Wakely and Buddy Baer as "themselves."

Laurie Andersas Laurie Dawson
Hoot Gibsonas Marshal Ben Dawson
Ken Murrayas 'Smiling Billy' Murray

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Original Language:English
Production Companies:United Artists, Harris/Murray