• The Naked Civil Servant (1975) Cast & Crew

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  • Katherine  Schofield
    Katherine Schofield as Mrs. Pole
  • Colin  Higgins
    Colin Higgins as Thumbnails
  • John  Rhys-Davies
    John Rhys-Davies as Barndoor
  • Stephen  Johnstone
    Stephen Johnstone as Young Quentin
  • Antonia  Pemberton
    Antonia Pemberton as Mrs. Longhurst
  • Lloyd  Lamble
    Lloyd Lamble as Mr. Crisp
  • Joan  Ryan
    Joan Ryan as Mrs. Crisp
  • Frank  Forsyth
    Frank Forsyth as Family Doctor
  • Shane  Briant
    Shane Briant as Norma
  • Ron  Pember
    Ron Pember as Black Cat Proprietor
  • Roger  Lloyd-Pack
    Roger Lloyd-Pack as Liz
  • Adrian  Shergold
    Adrian Shergold as Gloria
  • Derek  West
    Derek West as Freda
  • Dennis  Chinnery
    Dennis Chinnery as Business Man
  • John  Flanagan
    John Flanagan as 1st Policeman
  • David  Goodland
    David Goodland as 2nd Policeman
  • Dennis  Blanch
    Dennis Blanch as 1st Rough
  • Billy  Colvill
    Billy Colvill as 2nd Rough
  • Anthony  Heaton
    Anthony Heaton as Quentin's Rough
  • Richie  Stewart
    Richie Stewart as Bus Conductor
  • Jiggy  Bhore
    Jiggy Bhore as Receptionist
  • Graham  Armitage
    Graham Armitage as Mr. Dunsmore
  • James  Marcus
    James Marcus as Clerkenwell Tough
  • John  Malcolm
    John Malcolm as Taxi Driver
  • Michael  Bangerter
    Michael Bangerter as Club Manager
  • Julian  Fox
    Julian Fox as 1st Dancer