The Pest

The Pest (1997)

"What kind of freakazoid would let someone hunt him just for $50.000… Next question."
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PG-13 1 hr 22 minFeb 7th, 1997Action, Comedy

Fast-talking Latino con artist Pestario "Pest" Vargas is the target of Scottish mobsters to whom he owes a considerable debt. Willing to do anything to raise money and avoid severe injury or death, Vargas agrees to a very unusual job -- he will be transported to a remote island and hunted by Gustav Shank, a racist German executive. If he can survive a full day and night, Vargas gets $50,000 and will be set free. Is he wily enough to elude Shank?

R. Paul Miller
John Leguizamoas Pestario 'Pest' Vargas
Jeffrey Jonesas Gustav