The Playboys Poster

Release Date: 1992

DVD Release Date: December 19th, 2000

PG-13|1 hr 50 min

Plot Summary
Father Malone (Alan Devlin) is scandalized that expectant mother Tara Maguire (Robin Wright) has not yet found a husband. In an attempt to keep her holy in the eyes of God, Malone sets Tara up with aging bachelor Brendan Hegarty (Albert Finney). But when Tara falls instead for Tom Casey (Aidan Quinn), an actor in a ribald wandering theater troupe called the Playboys, the priest's plan fails. Furious that Tara does not reciprocate his feelings, Hegarty plots to keep Tara and Tom apart.

Cast: Albert Finney, Aidan Quinn, Robin Wright, Milo O'Shea, Alan Devlin, Niamh Cusack, Ian McElhinney, Stella McCusker

Director: Gillies MacKinnon

Genres: Drama

Keywords: 1950s, Heartwarming, Small town, Transformation, Amusing, Police officer, Rivalry, Love triangle, Love