The Story of Esther Costello

The Story of Esther Costello (1957)

"Drama without equal that smashes its way into a woman's love-starved heart!"
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 43 minNov 6th, 1957Drama

Eighteen-year-old Esther has been deaf and blind since the accident which killed her mother. Wealthy Margaret Landi, a native of Esther's village in Ireland, is talked into helping to educate and possibly heal Esther. Margaret grows to love Esther as a daughter, but finds Esther's innocence threatened by sleazy promoters and her own sleazy ex-husband. Radiant performance by Heather Sears. Based on a book that nearly had Helen Keller's co-workers suing for libel due to perceived parallels between Carlo Landi and the husband of Annie Sullivan

David Miller
Joan Crawfordas Margaret Landi
Rossano Brazzias Carlo Landi
Heather Searsas Esther Costello