Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo (1937)

"TOGETHER THEY BUILD A CONTINENT! He lives the magnificent adventure that saves a country and she shares the adventures of the man she loves!"
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 34 minDec 31st, 1937History, Western

In the 1840s, Ramsey MacKay, the driver for the struggling Wells Fargo mail and freight company, will secure an important contract if he delivers fresh oysters to Buffalo from New York City. When he rescues Justine Pryor and her mother, who are stranded in a broken wagon on his route, he doesn't let them slow him down and gives the ladies an exhilirating ride into Buffalo. He arrives in time to obtain the contract and is then sent by company president Henry Wells to St. Louis to establish a branch office.

Joel McCreaas Ramsay MacKay
Bob Burnsas Hank York, a wanderer
Frances Deeas Justine Pryor