September 1912 Movies

Riley and Schultze Poster
Riley and Schultze September 29, 1912
So Near, Yet So Far Poster
So Near, Yet So Far September 29, 1912
The New Neighbor Poster
The New Neighbor September 29, 1912
Calamity Anne's Ward Poster
Calamity Anne's Ward September 29, 1912
The Advent of Jane Poster
The Advent of Jane September 27, 1912
The Signal Fire Poster
The Signal Fire September 25, 1912
The Renegades Poster
The Renegades September 24, 1912
The Water Nymph Poster
The Water Nymph September 23, 1912
Cohen Collects a Debt Poster
Cohen Collects a Debt September 23, 1912
Friends Poster
Friends September 22, 1912
The Conflict's End Poster
The Conflict's End September 21, 1912
Two Daughters of Eve Poster
Two Daughters of Eve September 19, 1912
Flo's Discipline Poster
Flo's Discipline September 19, 1912
A Child's Devotion Poster
A Child's Devotion September 18, 1912
A Vitagraph Romance Poster
A Vitagraph Romance September 17, 1912
Lost a Husband Poster
Lost a Husband September 15, 1912
All for Love Poster
All for Love September 13, 1912
The Loyalty of Sylvia Poster
The Loyalty of Sylvia September 12, 1912
Blind Love Poster
Blind Love September 11, 1912
An Unseen Enemy Poster
An Unseen Enemy September 9, 1912
After All Poster
After All September 6, 1912
A Wasted Sacrifice Poster
A Wasted Sacrifice September 6, 1912
The Darling of the CSA Poster
The Darling of the CSA September 6, 1912
Bunny's Suicide Poster
Bunny's Suicide September 5, 1912
He Must Have a Wife Poster
He Must Have a Wife September 5, 1912
Getting Rid of Trouble Poster
Getting Rid of Trouble September 4, 1912
The Bank Cashier Poster
The Bank Cashier September 4, 1912
The Voice of Conscience Poster
The Voice of Conscience September 2, 1912
Back to the Old Farm Poster
Back to the Old Farm September 2, 1912
In Honor Bound Poster
In Honor Bound September 1, 1912
The Independence of Romania Poster
The Independence of Romania September 1, 1912