December 1965 Movies

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The Responsive Eye Poster
The Responsive Eye December 31, 1965
Two: Creeley/McClure Poster
Two: Creeley/McClure December 31, 1965
Hollywood My Home Town Poster
Hollywood My Home Town December 31, 1965
The Raw Ones Poster
The Raw Ones December 31, 1965
Strike First Freddy Poster
Strike First Freddy December 30, 1965
Thunderball Poster
Thunderball December 29, 1965
Apache Uprising Poster
Apache Uprising December 29, 1965
The Sleeping Lion Poster
The Sleeping Lion December 28, 1965
Chaser on the Rocks Poster
Chaser on the Rocks December 25, 1965
Bad Girls Go to Hell Poster
Bad Girls Go to Hell December 24, 1965
The Cavern Poster
The Cavern December 24, 1965
Inside Daisy Clover Poster
Inside Daisy Clover December 22, 1965
Doctor Zhivago Poster
Doctor Zhivago December 22, 1965
The Cat's Me-Ouch Poster
The Cat's Me-Ouch December 22, 1965
Do Not Disturb Poster
Do Not Disturb December 22, 1965
Boeing, Boeing Poster
Boeing, Boeing December 22, 1965
The 10th Victim Poster
The 10th Victim December 20, 1965
The City of Masters Poster
The City of Masters December 20, 1965
Loves of a Blonde Poster
Loves of a Blonde December 20, 1965
Fantomas Unleashed Poster
Fantomas Unleashed December 20, 1965
Viva Maria! Poster
Viva Maria! December 18, 1965
The Sinister Monk Poster
The Sinister Monk December 17, 1965
Battle of the Bulge Poster
Battle of the Bulge December 16, 1965
The Flight of the Phoenix Poster
The Flight of the Phoenix December 15, 1965
Othello Poster
Othello December 15, 1965
Scream of the Butterfly Poster
Scream of the Butterfly December 15, 1965
Life at the Top Poster
Life at the Top December 14, 1965
Bully for Pink Poster
Bully for Pink December 14, 1965
A Thousand Clowns Poster
A Thousand Clowns December 13, 1965
King Thrushbeard Poster
King Thrushbeard December 12, 1965
The Murder Game Poster
The Murder Game December 12, 1965
Up to His Ears Poster
Up to His Ears December 12, 1965
Highway Runnery Poster
Highway Runnery December 11, 1965
A Patch of Blue Poster
A Patch of Blue December 10, 1965
A Charlie Brown Christmas Poster
A Charlie Brown Christmas December 9, 1965
The Slender Thread Poster
The Slender Thread December 8, 1965
Vapors Poster
Vapors December 3, 1965
That Darn Cat! Poster
That Darn Cat! December 2, 1965
Pleasures of the Flesh Poster
Pleasures of the Flesh December 1, 1965
The Return of Mr. Moto Poster
The Return of Mr. Moto December 1, 1965
Flesh and Lace Poster
Flesh and Lace December 1, 1965
Treasure Island Poster
Treasure Island December 1, 1965