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jessica jones season 2 trailer teases anger management more whiskey

'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer Teases Anger Management, More Whiskey

Jessica Jones is still angry -- that much is clear in the Marvel series' latest trailer. Netflix dropped... Read more

duplass brothers sign 4 movie deal with netflix

Duplass Brothers Sign 4-Movie Deal With Netflix

Jay and Mark Duplass, the indie filmmakers behind The One I Love,' 'The Overnight,' 'Creep,' have signed... Read more

here s your first look at netflix s lost in space reboot

Here's Your First Look at Netflix's 'Lost in Space' Reboot

Danger, Will Robinson! Netflix just shared the first teaser and photos for 'Lost in Space,' a new series... Read more

watch david harbour do his stranger things hopper dance for unimpressed penguins

Watch David Harbour Do His 'Stranger Things' Hopper Dance for (Unimpressed) Penguins

He really did it. 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour really went to Antarctica with Greenpeace and... Read more

disney s streaming service to include new reboot of the muppets

Disney's Streaming Service to Include New Reboot of 'The Muppets' 

Netflix will probably join Statler and Waldorf in the balcony to heckle this new show. According to... Read more

paul rudd said his mustache for netflix s mute scared an elderly couple

Paul Rudd Said His Mustache for Netflix's 'Mute' Scared an Elderly Couple

This is truly the season of the spectacularly problematic 'stache. First there was Henry Cavill's 'Justice... Read more