It's now been 30 years since "Troop Beverly Hills" arrived in theaters. Sure, the movie didn't meet with much critical or commercial success at the time, but it's since become a cult classic that also launched the careers of several actresses. So let's celebrate that milestone with a few fun facts about this Girl Scout comedy.

1. "Troop Beverly Hills" marks the acting debut of several future Hollywood stars, including Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin and Tori Spelling.

2. Gugino lied about her age in order to land the role of Chica Barnfell, pretending to be 14 instead of 16.

3. Phyllis describes her courtroom outfit as being a Van Runkle design. This is a nod to the film's costume designer,  Theadora Van Runkle.

4. The intro sequence was animated by future "The Ren & Stimpy Show" creator John Kricfalusi.

5. The film is actually inspired by the life of producer Ava Ostern Fries, who once served as a Girl Scout troop leader and even brought her troop to stay in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

6. Fries turned down the chance to make the movie at Disney because she disagreed with the studio's choice of star, Bette Midler.

7. While she plays Shelley Long's rival in the film, Betty Thomas would later transition to directing and even directed Long in 1995's "The Brady Bunch Movie."

8. Singers Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello have cameos in the movie as joggers outside the Beverly Hills Hotel. Funicello can actually be heard singing her own 1959 single "Tall Paul."

9. The Girls Scouts refused to endorse the film, with the organization objecting to the way some of the characters were depicted.

10.Jenny Lewis, who plays the character Hannah, later teamed up with "Boy Meets World's" Blake Sennett to form the band Rilo Kiley.