If you can't see "San Andreas" this weekend, Netflix has plenty of disaster movies to tide you over. Sadly, there's no "Towering Inferno" or other classic '70s disaster films available at the moment, so why not watch Lloyd Bridges have a disaster-induced meltdown (pre-"Airplane!") while William Shatner saves the day in 1979's "Disaster on the Coastliner"?

You can also root for Brad Pitt to stay one step ahead of zombies in "World War Z," or watch LL Cool J get this close to being shark bait in "Deep Blue Sea."

But disaster isn't just the realm of fiction: Acclaimed documentaries revisit the tragedies on Mount Everest, conspiracy theories about a famous plane disaster and the devastating aftermath of China's Great Earthquake of 2008.

And if it's So Bad It's Good cheesiness you're after, we have one word for you: "Sharknado."

Movie availability on Netflix is subject to change without notice.