The adventures of Jack Donaghy almost continued, but it will be another man's story instead.

"30 Rock" creator Tina Fey and her co-executive producer Robert Carlock were ready to make a "30 Rock" spinoff with Alec Baldwin back as Jack, but according to a new THR report, they had to change their plans. The publication's sources say that Baldwin was in talks for a spinoff, but ended up deciding against it almost a year after negotiations began. Left without a leading man, Fey and Carlock found a new one in Ted Danson and reworked the script for him. (NBC and Universal Television opted not to comment, per THR.)

The original idea was reportedly to follow Jack as he took over as mayor of New York. The new version, however, is set in Los Angeles, as was previously revealed when NBC announced the upcoming comedy series in July. There will no longer be any ties to "30 Rock"; instead, we'll see Danson adjust to his new office after having run for "all the wrong reasons." He'll also work on his relationships with his staff and his teenage daughter.

Danson currently stars in "The Good Place," which is going into its final season. So far, neither the title nor the premiere date of his new NBC comedy has been announced. Meanwhile, Baldwin has multiple films on the way, including "Before You Know It" and "Motherless Brooklyn."

[via: THR]