Classic cartoon "Tom and Jerry" is getting a modern update, with an upcoming CGI/live-action hybrid flick. Now, a familiar face to superhero fans has joined the cast.

"Ant-Man" star Michael Pena is set to play the antagonist in the film, according to Deadline. He joins the recently-cast Chloe Grace Moretz, who's starring in the flick as Kayla, a new hire at a posh hotel who's trying to get rid of Jerry the mouse, and hires Tom the cat to do the deed -- and help save her job.

Deadline reports that Pena will be playing Terrance, the hotel's deputy general manager, described as "a bit of a bully." Terrance initially hires Kayla as a temp, "only to end up pitted against her and Tom/ Jerry once she starts impressing upper management," per Deadline.

Pena and Moretz will be doing most of the heavy lifting in the flick, since Tom and Jerry do not speak in the film, in keeping with how the characters are portrayed in the original series. That formula seems to have worked for the cat and mouse, with the Hanna-Barbera cartoon spanning more than 100 shorts, winning seven Oscars, and spawning multiple additional series, shorts, and a 1992 feature.

"Tom and Jerry" is expected to start shooting sometime this year.

[via: Deadline]