US-PREMIERE-AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRONYoung Keaton Jones must feel like a superhero right now. But will he still feel that way after the backlash?

Over the weekend, a video went viral showing Keaton's mother taping her son as he tearfully explained how he's bullied at school. He asked why some people make fun of others just because they're different:

The video broke hearts across the Internet, with celebrities jumping in to support Keaton -- including actors from "The Walking Dead," "Stranger Things," "Star Wars," and the "Avengers," plus musicians and athletes. Keaton and his mom were even offered free tickets to the "Avengers: Infinity War" premiere, and Hailee Steinfeld asked Keaton to be her date to the upcoming "Pitch Perfect 3" premiere:

It's good to see so many influential people speak up against bullying. Obviously Keaton isn't the only bullied child in the country, or the world, but he stood in for so many others. Some fans used the #StandWithKeaton hashtag to share other stories of bullying to make this more inclusive, beyond Keaton, and try to use it to create actual change in schools.

After the video went viral, questions came out about Keaton's family's background, and allegations about what Keaton might've said to the kids who bullied him. Basically, the conversation is broadening to a bigger picture, which can only be a good thing -- as long as it sticks with facts instead of assumptions, and we all remember that kids aren't responsible for their parents' actions.

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