If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Look, being Superman isn't easy. Between the pressure to have a six pack and the pressure to, like, save lives all day, The Tonight Show," who literally uttered the phrase "your arm is the size of my leg."

Reba McEntire also showed up on "The Tonight Show," and decided to "close up serenade" an audience member. It was weird, but also amazing.

Late Night" to chat about playing a crack addict in "Southpaw," and discussed the awkward time she got to set and everyone assumed she'd already been in hair and makeup for her "crack addict look." Well, that's enough to traumatize someone.

Connie Britton also hit up "Late Night" and reacted to Amy Schumer's "Friday Night Lights" skit. Turns out Coach's wife and her glass of wine was Britton's idea, which is the best news ever.

Finally, Conan" and wasted no time discussing the fact that she looks just like Justin Bieber. And also, she told Conan he looks like Tilda Swinton and Meryl Streep. Er, that's a compliment, right?