Variety's Power Of Women: New YorkShort, black hair is her "spirit animal" look.

Blake Lively is still filming her lead role in the thriller "The Rhythm Section," based on the Stephanie Patrick novels by Mark Burnell. We've already seen her transform into basically a bag lady, with her long blonde hair hidden under a hat.

Now she's going dark. Very dark:

(For the record, her husband Ryan Reynolds liked that tweet. No snarky comments from him ... yet.)

What would Serena think of this new look?

Good for Blake Lively for continuing to push herself. She's actually been reaching far past the "Gossip Girl" zone for years now, most recently with "The Shallows" and "All I See Is You."

According to Variety, in "The Rhythm Section," Lively's character is on a path to self-destruction after the death of her family in an airplane crash. "After discovering from a journalist that the crash wasn't an accident and watching that journalist get killed, she adapts the identity of an assassin in order to track down those responsible."

"The Rhythm Section" is scheduled for released on February 22, 2019.

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