Is there such a thing as too much chemistry?

Cara Delevingne says that she hit it off well with Nat Wolff when she finally tried out for "Paper Towns" with him -- maybe too well.

“I auditioned first without Nat,” the model-turned-actress tells Made in Hollywood. “I met the director and the producers, so that was fun. And then they called me in for the 'chemistry read.'”

Although Delevingne was happy that she and equally “pretty nervous” Wolff had “good energy” right away, she feared that because the energy “very similar,” it may get them into trouble while filming.

“We both, like, couldn’t stop speaking,” she explains. “I think when I got in there, I thought, oh, my god, if they put me in this movie, it’s going to be so funny because we’re going to be so distracted.”

Delevingne plays a girl next door who mysteriously goes missing in this film adaptation of John Green’s hit young adult novel. The movie opens Friday.

Paper Towns

"Get Lost. Get Found."
PG-131 hr 49 minJul 24th, 2015