Chris Pine has already gone to the final frontier as the lead in the rebooted "Star Trek" franchise--and now he aims to go further into the depths of the universe, specifically the DC Universe.

The 34-year-old heartthrob has been tapped to play Steve Trevor in "Wonder Woman" opposite Gal Gadot as the star-spangled heroine, The Wrap reports. It seems Pine's purpose will be more than just a pretty face and love interest to Gadot, as the website hints he will have "plenty of action to keep him busy."

In various iterations of the Wonder Woman comic book series, which began 1942, Steve Trevor has been affiliated with DC's Justice League, of which its members are "sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats."

Gadot will make her debut as the iconic lasso-wielding do-gooder in next year’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” before "Wonder Woman" hits theaters on June 23, 2017.

Wonder Woman

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