The 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Outstanding Directors Award Sponsored by The Hollywood ReporterUnless you can "Inception" his mind, Christopher Nolan won't be directing the next James Bond movie.

Bond 25 has locked down star Daniel Craig and has a November 2019 release date, but so far, no one at the helm. But don't look at Nolan, the director behind the Oscar-nominated "Dunkirk."

"I won't be the man," he said on BBC Radio 4. "No, categorically. I think every time they hire a new director I'm rumored to be doing it.

Well, that's because Nolan has previously gushed about the franchise and his desire to take it on. Even in the same BBC interview, he added:

"I'd love to make a Bond film at some point and I think those producers .... do a tremendous job and Sam Mendes has done a terrific job the last couple of films, so they don't particularly need me. But I've always been inspired by the films and would love to do one someday."

Maybe Nolan is just playing coy? Trying to strike a better deal? Wants to be able to cast his own Bond? (Tom Hardy?!)