The "Vacation" directors are excited to attract a whole new demographic to the famed "National Lampoon's" franchise.

"[We want to] bring it to a new generation," Jonathan M. Goldstein tells Made in Hollywood of the comedy that centers around a family's vacation gone horribly wrong. "They started it. They had Rusty played by four different actors. We're just having another guy play it. It's not sacrilegious."

This is the seventh film in the "National Lampoon's Vacation" series, and Ed Helms plays the grown-up version of Chevy Chase's son, who was featured in the originals.

"We so highly respected the original movies and we wanted to create our own thing, but also acknowledge the fact that that’s where it all started," John Francis Daley says.

Check out Helms and Christina Applegate’s wild adventure in theaters beginning July 29. The film also stars Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth.


"What could go wrong?"
R1 hr 39 minJul 29th, 2015