This is why you have to watch Pixar movies multiple times -- at least once just for the story, one more time for the jokes you missed the first time, a third to appreciate the visuals, and a dozen more times to make sure you caught all the Easter eggs tying the movie to the rest of the Pixar canon.

Many Pixar fans have expertly scoured past movies to sleuth out secret clues, but this is the first time Disney has gotten in on the act itself. Not too long ago, Disney posted a 2 minute, 21 second video called "Pixar Hidden Easter Eggs & Secrets," showing the subtle and not-so-subtle objects that appeared in one Pixar movie and were then referenced in another.

Check it out:

You may have already noticed all of those Easter eggs (especially the obvious ones from "Finding Nemo" to "Monsters Inc." to "Toy Story"), but there's always someone who's just seeing them for the first time. Plus, this is just the start. As Disney teased in the description, "What other Disney movies have you spotted the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck in?" Almost all of them! There's only one Pixar movie (so far) that has not included it. Do you know which one?

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