Sundance Institute

The Sundance film "Don't Let Go," starring Storm Reid and David Oyelowo, is coming soon — very soon, as in August 30.

The supernatural thriller, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival with the title "Relive," will be released theatrically by Blumhouse Tilt, Universal’s OTL Releasing and Tom Ortenberg's Briarcliff Entertainment.

In "Don't Let Go," Detective Jack Radcliff (Oyelowo) receives a shocking phone call from his recently-murdered niece Ashley (Reid). Working together across time, they race to solve her murder before it can happen.

Brian Tyree Henry, Mykelti Williamson, and Alfred Molina also star.

The indie comes from writer/director Jacob Aaron Estes, who made his debut with 2004’s "Mean Creek."

After its premiere at Sundance, iO9 called it "'Memento' meets 'Frequency,' and that's a good thing."

Blumhouse Productions launched the Tilt label in 2015 to focus on micro-budget indies, including "Upgrade" and "Unfriended: Dark Web."