It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a new photo of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman!

The CW has Supergirl," alongside titular heroine Melissa Benoist. After previously appearing on the program solely via word of mouth and some quick flashes, Superman -- Supergirl's older, more famous hero cousin -- will finally show up in the flesh for a short stint.

It's still unclear just how big Hoechlin's role will be, though he's set to appear in at least the first two episodes of season two. (Perhaps in an arc similar to Supergirl's season one team-up with The Flash?) Regardless of just how he fits into the show, based on how well the actor wears the blue and red in this photo (not to mention his steely gaze -- he is the Man of Steel, after all), he certainly seems perfect for the part.

"Supergirl," which is moving from CBS to The CW for season two, will debut on October 10.

[via: Supergirl]

Photo credit: Getty Images