Diversity on TV and in film has become a hot-button issue in recent years, especially during the #OscarsSoWhite controversy of 2016. Even though the 2017 awards season proved better for actors of color, the problem hasn't gone away.

"Game of Thrones" and Ramsey in "The Fate of the Furious," gave her take on the issue during a recent interview with Hunger magazine, noting improvement in representation but also highlighting her ongoing concerns. The actress also opened up about how she, a half-Dominican woman, has been affected.

"For me, when I was growing up, not seeing anyone on television that looked like me or that I could identify with was really hard, and that can affect someone's self-esteem hugely," she told the magazine, according to Buzzfeed.

Emmanuel acknowledges that there have been positive strides in recent years, but nonetheless, the norm is still to see casts that are almost entirely white, with just a few minority cast members sprinkled in. Not only is that hard for people who are underrepresented, as Emmanuel explained, it isn't an accurate reflection of today's reality.

"Ultimately that's not the world we live in," she said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Emmanuel hopes to see recent efforts to increase diversity in TV and film continue in the long run. By bringing attention to the issue, she's certainly doing her part.

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